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Are you a producer or importer according to the EPR for Textiles Decree? Your individual obligations can be organized efficiently, effectively and affordably as a collective.

At this moment, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management's legislative process regarding this Decree has not yet been finalized. The EPR for Textiles Decree is expected to go into effect before summer 2023.

We advise you to already register as a first step. This way, you will stay informed about current developments. Also, we can help you to comply with the obligations of the EPR for Textiles Decree in time.

Would you like to participate in the collective through Stichting UPV Textiel? Please register with the foundation as soon as possible. This way we can inform you in time about the next steps needed to participate in the collective. Registering is easy: you only need to provide your name and address details.

After registering, what are the next steps?

  • Participants’ agreement: this sets out agreements and mutual obligations regarding the organization of collection and processing of textile waste and its financing.
  • Prognosis 2023: you provide a provisional estimation of the total weight of textiles that your company expects to market in the Netherlands in 2023. This will allow the foundation to properly prepare the notification of the collective to the ministry.
  • Notification: no later than 6 weeks after the Decree takes effect Stichting UPV Textiel will report to the Ministry on behalf of the collective. Stichting UPV Textiel will provide the total number of participating companies and an estimate of the total amount of clothing and textiles the companies expect to release on the Dutch market in 2023.

In 2023 we will set agreements with municipalities and service providers and work with the industry on a number of topics, such as threshold, rate differentiation. We look forward to supporting your organization in taking on extended producer responsibility.

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