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Stichting UPV Textiel is happy to help you meet your obligations of the EPR for Textiles Decree.

Would you like to participate in the collective through Stichting UPV Textiel? 
Then go through the three steps below.

Steps to participate:

  1. Register: you just need to provide your name and address information using the form below.
  2. Sign participant agreement: after registation you will receive an email with the participant agreement, an explanation and the terms and conditions. We ask you to digitally sign and return the participant agreement.
  3. Statement 2023: you make an estimate of the amount of textiles your company expects to place on the Dutch market in 2023. We use this data to calculate the foundation's market coverage.

Once you have completed all the steps, you will become a participant.
Our list of participants is updated every two weeks on this page .

View the timeline for producers and importers here

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