Stichting UPV Textiel

Together more sustainable

From 2023, you as producer or importer of textiles (consumer clothing, work & corporate wear, bed-, table- and household linen) are responsible for the waste phase of the products you release on the Dutch market. This implies you will have to start contributing to an appropriate separate collection system for textiles and meet targets for reuse and high-quality recycling of textiles. Meeting these obligations individually is difficult. That is why Stichting UPV Textiel (Foundation EPR for Textiles) was established. By joining forces, we ensure that the organization of a separate collection and processing system remains as efficient, effective and affordable as possible. By participating in the collective you can easily and affordably meet your UPV obligations.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management's legislative process regarding this Decree has not yet been finalized. The EPR for Textiles Decree is expected to go into effect before summer 2023. We advise you to already register as a first step. This way, you will stay informed about current developments. Also, we can help you to comply with the obligations of the EPR for Textiles Decree in time.

For companies that may be subject to the EPR we also organize information sessions to keep them informed of the requirements and latest developments. Here is also the possibility to ask your questions.

The next information sessions will take place:
March 21 13.00 - 14.00 (Dutch)
April 12 11.00 - 12.00 (English)
April 17 11.00 - 12.00 (Dutch)

To sign up for an information session, you can email us or fill out the contact form.

Register your company

To join the collective, the first important step is to register your company. This can be done here. We ask you to do this as soon as possible so that we can inform you in time about the next steps needed to participate in the collective. Such as signing the participants’ agreement and making a provisional estimation.