Together circular

For and by the sector; that is our starting point.
We believe that we have the greatest impact with a collective approach. Therefore, as a producer organisation, we take the lead and build a collective EPR system as a building block for a circular textile chain. We close the chain and push for innovation and system change to make circularity possible together.

Comply with EPR for Textiles

With over 850 participants we are working towards our mission. In expert groups, we examine how we can best achieve the EPR objectives for reuse and high-quality recycling of textiles. Together with producers, service providers and municipalities, we are building an effective and efficient collection system. This way the market helps determine what works best for the sector.

We are happy to help you meet your EPR obligations.

Together we make impact

Wij willen een transitie naar een circulaire textielketen mogelijk maken. Daarom kijken we verder dan de UPV-doelen en richten we ons naast de afvalfase ook op de productie en gebruiksfase van kleding en textiel. Door samenwerking met de overheid, sector, ketenpartijen en consumenten kunnen we uitdagingen van de sector helpen oplossen. Als producentenorganisatie nemen we via een collectieve aanpak graag hierin het voortouw en maken we circulariteit mogelijk.

Onze uitgangspunten:


Circularity starts at the drawing board. We encourage the design and production of recyclable and recycled textiles in new products, longer (re)use of textiles and improving textile traceability.

Collective Approach

We are convinced that a collective approach, on top of the individual achievements and initiatives of companies and chain partners, has the greatest impact.

System changes

Enabling the transition from linear to circular requires system changes with all links in the chain. We initiate structural collaboration, knowledge sharing and strive for harmonization of systems.


With the development of a transition and innovation program, we encourage the scale-up of technical and chain innovations that enable high-quality fibre-to-fibre recycling and reuse.

Our approach

Together with producers and supply chain partners, we develop an efficient, effective and affordable EPR system. We motivate consumers to discard clothing and textiles separately, to (re)use them longer and to buy consciously. We encourage collaborations and innovations to enable circularity and work on knowledge sharing and harmonization of EPR systems in other EU countries.

Become a participant

To join the collective, the first important step is to register your company. This can be done here. Then we will ask you to sign a Textile Management Fee Agreement (TMFA). This makes your participation in Stichting UPV Textiel final and you can meet EPR obligations.

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